Is The Natural Smile The Latest Celebrity Trend?

A broad bright white Hollywood style smile could well be de rigour, but there is a growing trend for the natural look as a world wide favourite celeb look. When surveyed, nearly half of people reckon a natural looking smile is the best, nearly a quarter say straight teeth and lastly a white smile is fave.

Earlier trends like spacing and jewels are no where to be seen and hardly featured at all in our poll.

Dental association research shows top choices as Holly Willoughby and David Beckham for smiles extraordinaire. Our research results were released during National Smile Month which has the objective of raising awareness of the importance of smiles and oral health. After all your mouth, teeth and smile are fundamental to all aspects of your life – personally, professionally, health wise and attractiveness.

While A-Listers and celebs are seen as role models, a natural smile is still top of the list. Even though there is a huge trend towards cosmetic dentistry – think LFC Liverpool players, TOWIE, Made in Chelsea, Love Island and more, it’s encouraging that natural is still the favourite style. Everyone loves a radiant confident smile.

The rising demand for cosmetic dentistry can be due to celebrity images, selfies and Instagram posts but the basics and foundation are an effective oral care routine. National Smile Month is an ideal time to find out more about how simple and effective the right routine can be.

The basics are to brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time. A fluoride toothpaste should be used and dental checkups and appointments should be booked and attended regularly. You should also consider the foods and drinks you consume and daily eating habits, including meals and snacks. Interdental cleaning with floss, tape, brushes or water or air devices is also very important. National Smile Month is from 18th May to 18th June.

Do you feel anxious about going to the dentist? sedation dentistry can be the answer for nervous patients. Some patients avoid going to the dentist completely, and can be due to a bad experience, or simply anxiety about treatment or the environment.

Talk to your dentist about gentle dentistry and sedation dentistry so that you are accessing the best possible care for your dental needs. This combined with an effective home hygiene routine will put you on track to enhance and maintain your smile.

A healthy radiant smile will do wonders for your confidence. If there are aspects about the appearance of your smile that you are unhappy with, you can talk to your dentist about cosmetic dentistry – there may be a small aspect such as a chip or alignment issue which when fixed will transform your smile.