Celebrity Teeth Whitening Secrets

While it’s true that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, unfortunately the same cannot be said for teeth. Nowadays there are so many treatments available to attain a perfect stunning smile. From whitening treatments to invisible orthodontics and bonding to fix small imperfections. It has now become harder and harder to tell smiles apart, […]

Why Celebrities Turn To Invisalign Clear Braces

For celebrities in the public eye, a radiant confident smile is important. But for most it’s simply a no no to even consider metal braces, even if they do have gaps or crooked teeth. Invisalign has now been chosen by more than 6 million patients worldwide and this number grows every day. Regardless of age, […]

Are Veneers The Best Kept Hollywood Secret?

Have you ever looked into how to achieve a star studded smile? if you have then you will know it’s more than just teeth whitening. Actually many red carpet smiles are optimised using porcelain veneers – one of the top Hollywood secrets. Sometimes the results are very noticeable, and sometimes more natural, depending on the […]

Manual Or Powered? Which Is Best For Your Teeth?

Powered tooth brushes are more effective at brushing and cleaning teeth and gums. It’s generally true that if used correctly and regularly, using an electric toothbrush will lead to healthier gums, brighter teeth, reduced decay, fresher breath and better overall oral health compared to using manual brushing. The effectiveness of different brushes has long been […]

Is The Natural Smile The Latest Celebrity Trend?

A broad bright white Hollywood style smile could well be de rigour, but there is a growing trend for the natural look as a world wide favourite celeb look. When surveyed, nearly half of people reckon a natural looking smile is the best, nearly a quarter say straight teeth and lastly a white smile is […]