Are Veneers The Best Kept Hollywood Secret?

Have you ever looked into how to achieve a star studded smile? if you have then you will know it’s more than just teeth whitening. Actually many red carpet smiles are optimised using porcelain veneers – one of the top Hollywood secrets. Sometimes the results are very noticeable, and sometimes more natural, depending on the overall look which is planned for the smile makeover.

Veneers are an ultra fine layer of porcelain placed onto the tooth surface to enhance the smile aesthetically. They can be used to close spacing, make short teeth longer and cover a crooked smile, giving the appearance of perfectly aligned teeth without any downtime.

Depending on the types of veneers used, the tooth surface will be prepared to take the veneer. The treatment can be completed within 2 weeks, and temporary veneers can be used to ensure there is no downtime. This makes veneers a permanent way to get a balanced white smile that is right for your face and features. The degree of customisation, zero downtime and perfect results make the treatment a perfect choice with A-Listers.

Some actors prefer to go incognito, while others talk about their smile makeover. For example Real Housewives actress Nene Leakes has spoken about how veneers have enhanced her smile.

It’s also possible for veneers to be overdone though, sometimes a smile can look fake, artificial, way too white or the wrong shape. Some people worry about their teeth being shaved to a point, Dracula style. However modern veneers require very little preparation.

Care wise, veneers are easy to look after – they are tough and don’t stain or change colour so you can say goodbye to whitening treatments. You should still not bite ice cubes or finger nails.

Cost wise veneers will set you back around $3,000 per tooth so can be an expensive choice. If any veneers need to be replaced they can be made and replaced as required. But once you’ve had veneers, there is no going back as they are a permanent solution. The tooth surface will have been altered making them irreversible, as the tooth is permanently altered.

The best way to find out if veneers are for you is to book a consultation with a leading cosmetic dentistry expert so that you can have a full smile assessment. A smile makeover simulation will be able to show you before and after images so that you can effectively preview your new smile.

Some people choose to have a veneers on a few teeth or a full upper or upper and lower teeth done. Your cosmetic dentist will be able to advise on the best solution for you.

Leading cosmetic dentists specialising in veneers include Sam Saleh DDS and Sivan Finkel DMD.